Once my lecturer  ‘MR. PHILIP GBOMITA’ told me…Gratefulness is the only oil that oils the wheel of custom of relationship between a celebrity and his or her fan(s). But a critical look at the attitudes of most of our Ghanaian celebrities shows that most of them do not appreciate their fans.                                                 
Ask any normal or well grounded Ghanaian celebrity about the struggle from obscurity to ‘stardom’ and he will tell you that it was not just a passing glance but a concerted effort enveloped in great determination.

He or she will tell you that apart from having a good music one needs to have a solid management that will work on a solid branding through a publicist and to some extent publicity stunt with super stage craft.

However, all these super road maps cannot always guarantee an artist a celebrity status without FANS.

This is because without fans patronizing one’s product, the effort of the producer is in vain.

It is therefore unfortunate to say that most of our Ghanaian celebrities have lost sight of this and have taken their fans for granted.                                    

My thesis stems from the fact that these celebrities have thousands of fans following them on the social media to augment their good work but they (the celebrities) do not follow any of their followers.

They do not even reply back the recognition of their fans.

Their inability to appreciate becomes crystal when it is found out that they (the celebrities) do not also follow their fellow celebrities except a neglible few.

Seriously, when you watch their Twiter and Whatsapp pages the evedence is soo clear and glaring.


A typical example of s celebrity guilty of these are Eazzy, Cabum, Jupita and many others.

Others will argue that their work is time consuming and very ‘heculian’ to the extent that they do not have enough time to get back to their fans.

This notion will be accepted but on a serious note it is cosmetic and face saving because they (the celebrities) are able to at least engage their followers only when they are organizing a show or when a malicious article which has a potencial of poisoning the minds of good and right thinking people in our society is written about them.

I think this trend is worrying and it is about time they (the celebrities) pay attention to this unfortunate growing attitudes, until I come your way with part two of this article I am (KOBBY SOLAR)… ceo of INSIDE HOOD ENTERTAINMENT GH & official BFAME writer. 0206260684

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