Ghanaians claims “ODEHYIE BA” as illuminati


Many peoples has been asking and criticising of ODEHYIEBA “The Lyrical vocalist” as illuminati after the Umbrella symbol shown in his MEDO OBI music video.

As it is stated clearly that illuminati is a name given to a several groups,both real & Fictitious.Historically the name usually refers to the Bavarian ILLIMINATI an enlightenment era society founded on 1st may 1776.The society were to oppose superstition,obscurantism,religious influence over public life and abuses of state power.
.He has been receiving email & twitter messages from his fans to stop using those symbols as they claimed him as ILLUMINATE.The young artist “ODEHYIEBA replied,he is not a member of the contentious society when confronted with the claims in our interviews and also said it was just a sign of showing quality video but not ILLUMINATI SYMBOL.

Posted by Starboy


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