Mr Dee Has Been Fasting To Get Sarkodie On “ASEREWA SIKA NSUO” Remix

The Exclusive Vocalist Mr Dee who doubles as A Singer & A sound engineer goes on panoptic fasting for the whole two months to get SARKODIE for a remix on his new unveil song “ASEREWA SIKA NSUO”.he started this as he realise if he gets sarkodie on his new song for a remix it will trend and become hit. On our interview last Night he spoke much on his song which use to be the one of his choice,that he indeed need sarkodie on this song which is likely to be become a hit song in 2018.Massively verse on this song as he replied.You need to listen to the original copy of ASEREWA SIKA NSUO” below.Mr Dee also conclude but saying big thanks to his fans,and they should help him as well in prayers and also in disseminating this information..


Posted By Young StarBoy



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